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Estimating that pays for itself


Residential Estimating Service provides unique estimate features which are unsurpassed by others in the estimating field. We strive to create an estimate which is detailed, auditable, accurate and above all – usable. We include features that will be useful to the Builder, his trades and his material suppliers so that everyone is on the same ‘page’. 

Here are a few of the Estimate Features found in Our Lumber Takeoff Estimates:

Included Estimates: Our estimates typically include Form Lumber (if required), 2″ Frame Lumber, Sheathing, Roof Decking, Roof Shingles, Cornice and Exterior Finish Materials – Generally, through a ‘Dried-In’ home.  For an additional fee, we can include other items such as Sheetrock, Interior Trim, Interior Doors, Exterior Doors, Flooring, Countertops and more.

Estimate Titles by Your Unique Cost Codes: Our Estimate is separated into logical ‘order’ points based on your own unique Cost Codes or Activity Codes – such as Frame 1 (First Floor), Frame 2 (Second Floor), Roof Framing, Sheathing and Cornice, Roof Decking, Etc. This makes managing your budget much easier. This is totally customizable according to your needs.

Material Usage and Cut Sheets: Each Material Item includes detail to show how the material is to be used and matches our documentation of your plan. This gives you the tools you need to audit the accuracy of the estimate.

Material Item Specifications: Material Specifications and requirements are configured according to your unique construction standards and methods of construction.

Layouts and Details: Floor, Ceiling and Roof Rafter layouts are documented to become tools for your frame labor contractor to use. These layouts show you and your staff exactly where material is intended to be used. This is also extremely useful as an audit tool when confirming the need to order additional material or change a takeoff.

Estimate Documentation:
Estimator’s presumptions are documented in detail by notes embedded in each order. We document the plan to indicate plan errors, and deviations as well.

Audit Trail – ‘Quantities Estimated’:  The beginning of the estimate, known as ‘Quantities Estimated’, documents the basic calculations that went into the estimate.  Items such as Square Footages of major areas, Wall types downstairs and upstairs, categorized by height, exterior finish and length, Cornice and Overhang lengths, Exterior Finish Areas, such as Brick, Siding, Stucco or Stone is and more are documented.