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Estimating that pays for itself

lumber takeoff estimates for builders

Residential Estimating Service – Detailed Lumber Takeoff Estimates


As our customer and your material management needs are our highest priority.

Whether you are a professional home builder or if you’re presently planning to build the home of your dreams on your own. Either way, your material estimate needs to reflect your unique needs and requirements. It is our job to focus on the details so that you get your lumber takeoff estimate delivered in the way that makes sense to you.

Can it be more than a takeoff? Absolutely!

At Residential Estimating Service, your lumber takeoff estimate is quite a lot more than just an estimated count of the material you’ll need to build your home.  In fact, because you may be trying to control cost increases, a lumber takeoff estimate can be your first and best tool for that –  as even for optimizing your construction methods.

Choose Residential Estimating Service and be more competitive – even in a difficult market

With your Residential Estimate, You’ll Control:

  • Your Budget
    • You Estimate will be Organized by Cost Code / Order Point
  • Waste
    • Material Use is Well Documented
  • Jobsite Theft
    • Order ONLY the Material You Need AS You Need It
  • Jobsite Vandalism
    • Less Material Lying Around Attracting Vandals
  • Trade Misuse
    • Catch Trade Mistakes Early

Experience pays off for Residential Estimating customers. 

  • I’ve been estimating full-time, professionally, since 1992. 
  • Production Homebuilding goes back to 1988
  • Custom Homebuilding experience goes back to 1980.

Experience cannot be taught.  It must be earned.
I come from a home building family.  From the time I turned 11, I was helping my father along with my brothers in our family home building business.  In 1980, I went to work full-time building homes.  When I learned home building, a builder actually built his homes.  I’ve set the forms, framed houses, run plumbing pipes, and pulled wire. I’ve insulated, trimmed and painted. I’ve done tractor work, landscaping, and much more.  This is why I am able to estimate professionally. I know how the trades think and how they will use the materials I am estimating. 

Home builders, owner-builders and lumber companies will benefit from my extensive construction and estimating knowledge, experience, and judgment. I’ll analyze and audit your plans and engineering. I’ll work to interpret and understand your specifications. I’ll strive to anticipate your material needs because I know how your trades will use the material that you order and deliver. With Residential Estimating Service, you’ll get better detailed lumber takeoff estimates.  

Your budget needs are the highest concerns. In short, I try to think like the builder, the trade and the material supplier all at the same time. I do this to help provide what everyone on the job needs in an estimate: accuracy.

Put my experience to work for your company. I’ll deliver an estimate that will be a detailed management tool to help you save time and money on site.