Estimating that pays for itself

A Lumber Takeoff you can actually use.

Details, Details, Details.
The detail you see in the estimate we produce for you is our way of completing the communications “chain” from us to you and to your suppliers, vendors, and sub-contractors. This way, everyone is on the same page. Do you want to check or change something? It’s never a problem. Just call or email your changes and we’ll take care of things without delay – often the same day!

Want the simpler version of your lumber takeoff?
No problem. It’s already built-into our process. Along with the detailed lumber takeoff, you’ll receive a great, non-detailed “version” of the takeoff so that you can send it to suppliers for to ensure “apples-to-apples” bids.

Both versions are included.
You’ll receive both versions of your estimate at no extra charge. We want you to have a great experience with Residential Estimating Service.

Your home is more than sticks and bricks. Check out this video for more.

Detailed Lumber Takeoff Estimates

"Your material management needs are the highest priority."

You may be a professional home builder or you may be planning to build your dream home on your own. Regardless, we understand and you can expect that your material estimate need will reflect your unique requirements. Our job is to keep focused on the details. You will get your lumber takeoff estimate delivered in the way that makes sense to you.

More than a takeoff? It’s your material management plan.

At Residential Estimating Service, your lumber takeoff estimate is quite a lot more than just an estimated count of the material you’ll need to build your home.  It’s the tool that you can use to manage the material from planning, bidding, budgeting, buyout, delivery and on-site.

We know that because you may be trying to control cost increases, a lumber takeoff estimate can be your first and best tool for that –  as even for optimizing your construction methods.

Choose Residential Estimating Service and be more competitive – even in a difficult market

With your Residential Estimate, You’ll Control:

  • Your Budget
    • You Estimate will be Organized by Cost Code / Order Point
  • Waste
    • Material Use is Well Documented
  • Jobsite Theft
    • Order ONLY the Material You Need AS You Need It
  • Jobsite Vandalism
    • Less Material Lying Around Attracting Vandals
  • Trade Misuse
    • Catch Trade Mistakes Early

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