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Estimating that pays for itself


Residential Estimating Service provides a number of different estimate formats for use by our clients. Each of these estimate formats provide unique benefits to our clients and their trades and material suppliers.

How did we come up with our estimate formats? We provide our estimates using an “order point” philosophy. That means that instead of lumping all material into a single takeoff, we separate our estimates by the delivery that our client requires.

For example, if a builder is trying to contol loss on the jobsite or if they have a narrow lot, we suggest breaking the deliveries into smaller logical parts – such as frame 1 walls, and then delivering frame 1 joists. If the builder has either particularly small houses or large crews, he can ask us to cusomize our estimate formats to combine lumber into larger deliveries. 

At Residential Estimating Service, our client’s needs always come first.

Estimates can be delivered in a variety of formats:

Printed Estimate Formats:

  • Bid Invitation Format with Location/Use Detail
  • Bid Invitation Format with no Detail
  • Takeoff Format with Location/Use Detail
  • Takeoff Format with no Detail

Electronic Transmission Estimate Formats:

  • Completed estimates can be faxed from our computers directly you your office as well as all of the material suppliers which you want to have bid the job. This eliminates delays associated with pick up and delivery
  • Completed estimates can be delivered via e-mail as an electronic document (Adobe Acrobat .pdf) which is easy to manage and saves fax paper! You can print your estimate as needed – when needed.
  • Complete estimates can be delivered as an Excel Spreadsheet. Here, you can change material specifications, counts, and more!

We’re here to serve, so we’re innovating all the time. If you have a particular estimate need, let us know. We’ll do everything we can to improve our process to achieve the best outcome for your construction project.