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Estimating that pays for itself


Sample Estimates:

We pack a lot of useful information into our estimates – and that’s by design. We proudly present representative examples of our work so that you can see what you can expect from our estimating service.  No matter which format you choose for your estimates, you will get the most use possible.

Sample Estimate – Standard 

Sample Estimate – Detailed Bid Forms

As our customer, remember that we customize our systems to match your unique needs.

You can have your own estimate sequence


  • Frame 1, Walls can come before Frame 1, Joists
  • or – Frame 1, Walls can be COMBINED with Frame 1, Joists
  • or – any other sequence you require

You can have your own cost codes and descriptions


  • Frame 1, Walls
  • Frame 1, Joists


  • First Frame, Walls
  • First Frame, Joists


  • Cost Code 120.01 – First Frame Walls
  • Cost Code 120.02 – First Frame Joists

or – any other description method you require!

We can include your own proprietary “resource codes” *

Some builders require specific codes be included to describe each material item.  These resource codes are specific to each builder.  We can include these if required. *

Your own material specifications

We collect your unique set of “standard” material specifications using our unique “Online Builder Profile Form”.  We can change specifications for each home as needed at no extra charge.

Your company contact information

As you would expect, we include your unique company information in the header portion of the estimate so your material suppliers will have your full contact information available.

All things considered, Residential Estimating Service provides the most versatile estimating service from setup to completion.  Our reports will help you get the materials you need the way you need them.

*Optional.  Additional, one-time setup fee applies